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Naturally filtered and enriched through the limestone and minerals of the Eastern Ontario Highlands

From the glacial origins of our pristine Canadian source, Stream is some of the cleanest, purest, fine water on Earth.  Nothing taken, nothing added.

Perfected by mother nature

Stream naturally alkaline spring water is sourced at the edge of the Canadian Shield, sculpted by glacial activity thousands of years ago, depositing a gravel esker that continues to filter our spring water and provide an ideal pH level of (7.7) today.

√  Balanced hardness (121.4 mg/L)

√  Low Sodium content 1.03 mg/L

√  Low in Nitrites 0.0 – Nitrates 0.19mg/L and Chloride 0.7mg/L

√  No metal contaminants detected

√ T.D.S. 130

Naturally perfect

From the glacial origins of our pristine Canadian source, Stream is some of the cleanest, purest, alkaline spring water on Earth, full of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes.

Naturally Perfect

Protecting the source

At Stream we value the earth our water springs from.

Stream alkaline water in 473 mL Aluminum Can | Case of 24 - Stream Water - 7.7pH - Naturally Perfect Spring water
  • Consciously Packaged

    Packaged only in Glass bottles and Aluminum Cans. While it costs us a bit more not to use plastic, we ask you: what is the real cost of its continued use?

  • Protecting Our Oceans

    Ocean and aquatic wildlife conservation is an issue very close to our heart.  As passionate divers, our members have spent time first-hand, collecting plastic debris from the ocean floor and rivers in various locales, domestically  and farther abroad.  To promote ocean and waterway conservation Stream is  proud to be a a monthly donor to Oceana Canada.

  • Sustainability

    Responsible and controlled water taking practices ensure local water table levels are allowed to replenish naturally.

  • Ecologically Sound

    Care is taken not to harm fish habitats or adversely affect wetlands and other important ecological features in the area.

About Stream

Founded in Ottawa, Canada with a mission:

‘to encourage others to drink better, healthier water while reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans and waterways...'

Stream comes from a source originating thousands of years ago as the result of a receding glacier forming the gravel esker that filters our water today. Remaining undiscovered in the Highlands of Eastern Ontario until 1994, a local hydrologist, so impressed with the clarity and taste, pursued further testing to analyze and fully uncover the history, beneficial qualities and characteristics of this water. Left in its pristine state, Stream exhibits mineral and organic qualities as an expression of the ice, rocks and earth from which it came.  Ozonated for safety and packaged only in glass and aluminum, Stream is naturally perfect.

Focused around the quality of our pure, Canadian, natural resources, admired around the world, Stream will continue its mission to make you love water.

Stream Co-packing Services

Stream Water can provide custom labeled and sleeved bottled or canned water in various formats and volumes offering customers services from the ground up.  Please contact us directly to discuss your next project.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Currently, Stream is also in development of non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) infused beverages, using our premium alkaline spring water, providing an efficient and non-invasive option for ingestion and rapid onset.  Coming soon.

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